2022 Go Global with USAKO Group

Date: April 6, 2022 • Time: 3pm • Location: 911 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63101
Sharptooth & Purina Boardroom (T-REX)

Each of 5 Korean start-up companies will make short presentations about their business and expansion plan.

Registration is required by email at admin@usakogroup.com due to limited seating capacity.
(Mask wearing may be required. One will be provided for the attendees if needed.)

Go Global with USAKO Group 2022 (hosted by USAKO Group and Seoul Startup Hub, City of Seoul, S. Korea)

A Global partner of Seoul Startup Hub, USAKO Group is hosting 2022 Go Global Program for S. Korean startups to expand to U.S. market with a partnership with Seoul Startup Hub, the City of Seoul, S. Korea.

Congratulations to the Selected Companies that will come to U.S.A., and USAKO Group and U.S. market welcome you!

Program Summary:

The selected startups will visit U.S.A. for a week for the following services and efforts.
USAKO Group will assist the selected startups in IR, networking, legal entity advice, market study and collaboration in U.S.A.
The Selected Companies will have an opportunity to study and engage U.S. market during this in-person visit.

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